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Carl Heyward

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Carl Heyward is an American contemporary artist whose paintings and collage works explore ideas of fragmentation. When manipulating materials in his process-focused practice, Heyward favors an instinctive approach that results in highly expressive works. About his “Marking Time” series at Sloan Miyasato he says, "This work exists at the intersection of want and need; the subtle and the exuberant; the ethereal and the concrete. It exudes a kind of energy that resonates with me, illuminates my practice as an artist and as a creative being.”

Based in Benicia, California, Heyward is an NEA Fellow and the founder of the Global Art Project, an international collaborative artist group. He has exhibited widely both in the United States and internationally. His art and artist books are held in numerous significant museum and institutional collections including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Yale University, National Gallery of Australia, and Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Artwork: Carl Heyward, "Marking Time #1 and #2," 2022, acrylic paint and graphite crayon on lithography paper, 40 x 26 inches

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" my case, the whole enterprise is questioned upon each studio
session as an existential tight rope walk above an abyss...

Carl Heyward and Akiko Suzuki Heyward

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