The June 28th session is SOLD OUT .
You may register for the July 12th workshop . Same specs and conditions.
12:00 PM 3:00 PM

We are Back!



Workshop and Mentoring Newsletter

I am currently nailing down a mixed media workshop session for a limited number of participants in two distinct independent sessions. More on that when confirmed.


Beginning the second week of June, I will resume in-studio Mentoring Sessions and am open to accepting new participants as well as scheduling sessions with current clients. Physical distancing, room ventilation, gloves and masks with respect to the Covid 19 Pandemic required.



in-studio / remote and online : 

e 8 through July 31.


Regardless of where one is in their practice a little support, an impartial critical eye, suggestions around the physical layout of the work space, alternative uses of materials and techniques--we all need help; we all need it from time to time...I offer Mentoring support for the working or nascent artist seeking to push their practice in the tradition of my Mixed Media Workshops in San Francisco, Dakar, Senegal, Lecce, Treviso and Venice, Italy, Mexico and throughout the United States.

Up Close and Personal Support: 

In Studio / Remote Online / Constant Contact / Curatorial Services / Portfolio Review / Gallery and Museum Visits

The purpose being to create an atmosphere for concentrated art making, "coaching", critique and development of a portfolio suitable for gallery presentation as well as assessing where you want to go with your practice via focused goal-specific sessions.These sessions are augmented with assignments, challenges and dialog between mentor and participant toward an evolving development of technique, confidence, skills and the creation of a limited body of new works. I am willing to consider indeterminate or difficult schedules but would want at a minimum a six month commitment that might be accommodated every other month with ongoing electronic contact or in any manner agreeable to both of us. These would be twelve (12) ... 2 hour sessions.

A discussion of realistic goals and needs is necessary



artist / writer / curator / founder GLOBAL ART PROJECT

" my case, the whole enterprise is questioned upon each studio session as an existential tight rope walk above an if I need to reclaim or be reclaimed by the process, the magic, the high that produces satisfactory is a psychic muscle whose presence can't be counted upon, but conjured ...a weather report of the soul, and sometimes it ain't sunny and bright.



With respect to those unable to make in - person Mentoring or Workshop sessions I encourage you to investigate the Virtual Experience of numerous facilitators. Today's recommendation is Colleen Gianatiempo ( 925 586-0399; mention Carl Heyward Workshops for special consideration. Her online classes begin June 8 through July 31.