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GENDER GAP : The Women of Global Art Project an exhibtion without presumptions prospectus theme nor definition other than the artist being a female member of GLOBAL ART PROJECT. Women make up more than half the membership of our international collaborative collective and as such weigh in equally in the adm, the vision as well as the day to day to long term goals and evolution of the group.

As a curator, having the opp to expose the independent and collaborative undertakings of artists I work with and admire is a true gift as is the space, Gallerie Renee Marie in Benicia, Ca which encourages diversity and experimentation.

Women as alternative thinkers, pioneers, muses and creators intrigue me as my own process is challenged and mirrored by observing theirs. Bourgeois, Marisol, The Saars, Walker, Kahlo, Hagedorn, Kusama, Frankenthaler, Mitchell, Hoch and Hesse come to mind as stimulating influences upon my own practice and particularly have drawn the encouragement to persevere, an experience derived from male and female culture workers alike.

So, this is a tribute, a selfish unapologetic pleasure to showcase the work of the current membership-- 60 members of GAP operating in 17 countries --GENDER GAP features 31 female artists from 13 countries.
GENDER GAP also necessitates a modified presentation coming in the midst of the COVID 19 Pandemic. We cancelled a large highly anticipated exhibition,CrossingBorders, at the onset of the virus and, fortunately, had the work for GENDER GAP in hand in the USA. Now, the show is being hung; we explore new vital virtual and private presenting techniques which will remain in place after the Pandemic passes.

The flexibility that we all must exhibit, embracing new technologies and ways of being, connecting more meaningfully with our local and international communities is exemplified in what we model in GAP: Promoting the creative intelligence of the global arts community.

Carl Heyward
April 2020


GAP MADRID finales-03.jpg

FRAGMENTOS: The Fragmented Mind  

an exhibition of works from  GLOBAL ART FRAG PROJECT created via the exchange of collage, and assemblage materials , starts, suggestions, discards and ephemera between members of GAP, an international collaborative cooperative of more than 60 members working in 17 countries. 

The exhibition includes results of the Frag Exchange Project as well as works created collaboratively in GAP residencies, (Italy, Mexico, Senegal) during collaborative studio sessions in Belgium and California as well as examples from the GAP artists' book series DISLOCATIONS all originating from frags (fragments) and  developed into original works by the recipient in several of the myriad ways in which collaboration processes can be manifest allowing investigation into new ways to create; eliminating preciousness and attachment that connects artists in ways that might otherwise not exist.

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