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Inauguration of former Wells Fargo Bank

Sharing a video of the Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery...check the space...the windows ...etc . GAP, self and @Akiko Suzuki Heyward were part of the inauguration of this former Wells Fargo Bank that had been vacant since the 1970's in Lafayette can see the 32 ft long gap dada quilt...a small closet sized room in which we plan to fill perhaps with

@Mar Daines ' Origami boats...window areas either for transparent paintings like

@Naomi Middelmann 's plexiglass encased front and back works ...shredded kimonos from

@Judy Shintani ...either in the windows or just off the window but seen plainly from the street ; taking advantage of light a d shadow. Much potential . Sept 5 to october 3. Will be counting on sf area members during installation...ok gearing up.

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